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Prom 2024

Prom tickets On Sale Now!

Prom tickets On Sale Now!

Purchase with Ms. Lily Vega or Ms. Andrea Montelongo

1 for $60 & 2 for $100

The last day to purchase tickets will be May 3rd


Can we bring a +1 ?

Students are able to bring a +1 - Guest passes are available (Pick up with Ms. Montelongo and Ms. Vega)

Do we have to be a couple to buy a couple tickets?

No, you are not required to be a couple.

Where is the prom going to be held?

Bayonet & Black Horse -  1 McClure Way, Seaside, CA 93955

Why are tickets so inexpensive?

We have decided to keep the cost low as an incentive to all students. Although the cost is inexpensive you will get the same value as other high schools. Other school sites pay $200 + dollars; You will only pay $60 Single Ticket & $100 for Two Tickets

Will we have a DJ?

Yes, He is already hired

Will we have a Photobooth?

Yes, Already Hired

Will we have appetizers or snacks?

Yes, there will be appetizers and Fountain drinks

Will there be a photographer?

How do I get a guest pass?

How do I get a guest pass?

STEP 1: Eligibility
STEP 2: Fill out this form: Alternative Education Prom Guest Pass
STEP 3: Alternative Education Prom Guest Pass 
Original Pass must be returned to Ms. Montelongo or Ms. Vega. (This does not determine that the guest has been approved. Once step 3 is complete, Please follow step 4)
STEP 4: Copy of guest pass must be given to Guest Administrator/designee - Approving administrator/designee MUST email  corresponding  Alt. Ed. Principal for verification purposes.
              Gloria Chaidez MTHS Principal:
              Jonathan Green EPS Principal: