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FEV Tutoring

FEV Tutoring Online: Free Tutoring for Students in All Subjects
FEV Tutoring Offers:
  • Online tutoring available 24/7
  • Support across all subjects
  • Easy access through the Clever app
Step 1: Log into the Clever application through the SUHSD Student Portal
Step 2: Select FEV Tutor application from the "More Apps" option
Step 3: When FEV Tutor is open, click on "Request an On-Demand Session" to get connected with a tutor
Step 4: Include the Subject, Course, and Question that you need help with, and click "Submit"
Step 5: Access the Virtual Classroom to get live assistance from the tutor. The Virtual Classroom includes a
digital whiteboard and a chat function to communicate with the tutor. 
Step 6: Utizilize FEV Tutor as needed.